Friends and family.

Too much tears over my own problems and hardship. Really?

I am almost 50 and jobless. With a skillset in tourism spanning 35 years and making mistakes spanning almost 50 years, all that I know has crumbled like empty dunes of shifting sand.

I Uber now, between duties of sending my daughters to an from school/college from my ex-wifes house. Its how I stay relevant to them. One is studying forensics in UITM and speaks of politics often.

She may not be as proud as I was to be Malaysian when I was her age, The Mahathir era where we freed Nelson Mandela leading political pressure globally. We sent him to meet Fidel Castro and instead of USA going after leaders for corruption to the scale of African dictators — Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton all had to deal with Mahathir Mohamad.


Now he is fighting with Jamal Yunos.

That’s why.