Fake News

In this video at 5:29 the speaker says that Felda has 70 percent old tress that is low on productivity, and listing it means its not going to fetch optimal price. https://youtu.be/tekHtizT1W0 via @YouTube Melayu, bagi salam, bagi InsyaAllah lepas tu spew out lies and mengata. Malay Dilemma sungguh. The areas that need replanting will … Continue reading Fake News


Pandai. Tak bijak.

DSPM ni dah dengar salah orang pasal cyber ni. You are winning the share of voice and volume, but it does not equate to committing any gains. People might not like what you are saying.


Mahathir seems to be winning despite having less rights than an Arab woman. In his time, cronies like Anuar Othman rose to be 'Corporate Captains' and fell soon after the crutches were taken. He built a colony of greedy tycoons feeding on favour and cronyism, but otherwise too fucking stupid to make it beyond what … Continue reading Winning