Rafizi Ramli – Invoking The Traitor Within

Rafizi Ramli is one of our finest student, when education was taught and the best student memorises best. Malay College Kuala Kangsar is by no means an academic institution to be trifled with, and he was best student overall. Over all the malays, mostly privileged.

Anwar gave him a ring.


Strangely, Rafizi finished in Leeds with an Engineering Degree Lower Second Class. In Leeds, not MIT, not Trinity College, but Leeds. Seeing that it would basically get him fuck all, he stayed on and worked for Jeffrey Henry, an accounting firm. They accepted him for employment and he did his ICAEW there in 3 years and left promptly.

This was not a college. It is a boutique mid-tier accounting firm, at the time much smaller and they did not have Gordon Ramsay as a client. They do have Hebrew speaking associates though.

Tell me something. Who gets that lucky? Would you — if you were a senior manager HR in an accounting firm — hire a Lower Second Class degree holder in Engineering, coax him through his ICAEW and let him leave home. My … aren’t the English kind. With an ICAEW, he came back and got a placement in Petronas, where he was promoted quickly.


The Chainsaw is schooled in the art of common sense, and this is uncommon by any weird standards. Well, one can’t fault him for trying hard to succeed. It is the Israeli American Dream after all.

Lets have a look instead at his latest academic project. Invoke.


Its a slightly different business model from Invoke UK but methods are basically the same. I remember once being told by someone from my fathers Regiment — Dad who was Military Attache when retired and served during the Confrontation and Congo — had many spook friends. He said newspapers and research firms were the playground of Nation State Espionage.

Well what do we have here. Invoke UK has the capabilities that if used well, and wielded by an insider, could be the dream spy information ring. Like this. Their CFO who did Finance and is qualified to practice IN ISRAEL.


Prior to this he was in Modo Labs, and they are in campuses selling mobile engagement platforms. Campuses tend to be recruitment watering hole for Mossad and the CIA. Modo Labs has investment from New Magellan Venture Partners, whose founding partner, Richard P. Lawless, has an education that includes;

The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) is the foreign language institute. The purpose of the DLIFLC is to educate, sustain, evaluate, and support foreign language specialists under the guidelines of the Defense Foreign Language Program, which provides the Department of Defense and other Federal agencies with linguists fully capable of supporting United States national interests worldwide.

Holy fuck.

They have an investment mandate that says;

New Magellan Venture Partners focuses on creating and acquiring profitable, early-stage, high-potential, growth companies. The firm has particular expertise in the US Government and Asia-Pacific markets and tends to invest in companies in the following sectors: (1) defense and aerospace (2) transportation (3) energy (4) mineral resources (5) property development and high-technology.

He was also a CIA employee from 1972-1987. Fifteen years.

Now back to Yossi, Invoke UK’s CFO. He was also in Enigma, and that was bought by PTC. While its relatively unheard of, this billion dollar company generally acquires technology. Try reading their Wikipedia. Its detailed yet oblique, says a lot without saying anything. [Link]

Rafizi chose the name Invoke. He is championing volunteerism (idealogical drive). He is a self-admitted penghasut. He sits as a representative of Malaysians in Parliament.

Does anyone else think he is a security risk? Tun Mahathir perhaps might want to say a few things about his Mossad friends.


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