Zahid Hamidi and Khairy

These two chaps are the only ones that may be doing it not for fame or money. The two are enablers, to trigger a higher actualization or altruism. I truly believe Zahid wants to serve, and I think KJ wants to lead. He sees himself as smarter and gifted, and honed his attitude to his ambition.

The rest?

Lim Kit Siang is an asshole, and Guan Eng just brawls and misdirects. He is doing better than previous clowns under Tsu Koon, but over la his chest beating.

Tell me how what he did when purchasing his bungalow was any different than Khir Toyo. The Tempe Cosmetics King did his time. Kawan baik Mukhriz or Mokhzani tu, so arrogant that he steals in broad daylight.

Well Guan Eng, the difference is you work harder. You give a damn, and you use the power given by your fathers influence to push your vision. Good la.

Khir Toyo did no such thing.

If Guan Eng goes to jail, I petition Penangites to have a collection to pay the difference of his nett worth. Hantar penjara kat Penang. Whoever becomes next CM openly say he takes orders from Guan Eng.

That’s how you stand behind your leader. That’s how you inspire him to serve. Don’t be cowards la.

PAS is okay, even from before. They have, or had people like Mat Sabu – who sways when next to Kit Siang like fanboi giler – and they had great ones like Ustaz Nasha and YB Hashim – father to former PKR Sec Gen Salehuddin, who waas sacked from PAS pasal pergi ronggeng.

Jantan tulen brooo.

Sekarang keluar porno pun PAS boleh accept.

MCA, buat duit. The Star, is one of the most profitable publications in the region, because the rest just sucked. Great writers, poor ability to practice journalism. Kalau Chief Editor hari hari kena jumpa PM, susah lah. Tu Chief Peon, dapat company car.

I like Brendan Perreira, Kalimullah, Rocky, and the guy who wrote Johans Bag of Marbles. They took their job as a posting to guard their beliefs. And they believed in Pak Lah. Well Rocky had his own beliefs, and from last time, its just damn cool that a cat like Rocky can be Datuk and make his millions, he hentam but uniquely to Rocky, very selamba.

He is naturally fucking cool and what he believes is often pop cultured. I love Rocky, the ordinary guy who took what he wanted and got his ambition, and had balls to fight. Gambler abis drew full house.

You da man.

And now our PM. Najib Razak.

His problem is nothing other than he is not being cool. Jangan la tai chi around the issue. Spokesmen pun dah penat kena lanyak. So many loyalist, come on step up for them.

Fight. Explain, and expose. Be the change you wanted. Absorb the hit.

  1. Play the Forced Culture card
  2. Explain how your action was for creating greater wealth
  3. Explain the account or even underwear you use is not ordinary, it for PM
  4. Because PM not ordinary, he has to deal with us all
  5. And deal with his hungry wolves in BN and UMNO
  6. Deal with Opposition
  7. Now deal with Mahathir

Ok we get you. Penat sial. But step up for those who speak and stand by you. Take the heat from them and stand by your own actions and issues.


Rosmah pula, fight. You will never be Michelle Obama. Just don’t even think Melania is you equal. She amateur lah. But senyap sikit ya. Go play far far away.

Meanwhile Zahid Hamidi and Khairy. These two I am really rooting for.



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