Mahathir seems to be winning despite having less rights than an Arab woman. In his time, cronies like Anuar Othman rose to be ‘Corporate Captains’ and fell soon after the crutches were taken. He built a colony of greedy tycoons feeding on favour and cronyism, but otherwise too fucking stupid to make it beyond what they had handed to them.

Anuar Othman was Halim Saad’s partner. He was very broke and lonely at one time, still harbouring thoughts or corporate greatness while holding on to his last 5-6 million. At one time he was a billionaire.

Mana duit tu?

Dia kata bagi balik.

Kat sapa?

Was it not his? Who exactly owns his billions. Is the treasurer richer than the treasury? Well lets see.

  • Anantha Krishnan
  • Tajudin Ramli
  • Halim Saad
  • Syed Mokhtar
  • Nasimuddin Naza
  • Samsuddin
  • Tan Sri Yahya DRB

The children of Tan Sri Yahya are not rich. The largesse, after his passing, seems to vaporize to the Vault of Treasures. Many openly claim to know its UMNO’s money. Tell me, how did UMNO have so much money? Who are their patrons and how can they come to own newspapers, TV and a building in the heart of KL.Takde sorang pun ahli UMNO bayar yuran. Tunggu tender or elaun AJK Masjid ramai.

Stupid and greedy, those are the things that Malaysians have become in order to get some easy dosh. Many kutuk Najib, but tak payah jadi PM, jadi clerk pun ramai dah songlap sini sana.

Mahathir and his braethrens including many in UMNo are winning, not because they are smart. Nah, its because we are stupid.


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