Kit and Mahathir. Best Friends Forever.

Not in the sense that it is a thing of the past, I certainly doubt it. The thing about UMNO is that it seems to take lessons learned from the past as a yardstick of what to do today. That has worked spectacularly.

Let me take you down memory lane.There is only one man who has been at odds with all Prime Ministers since Tunku. That man is Lim Kit Siang. Kit used to be a firebrand, but all those years spent fighting UMNO and especially for 22 years his arch-nemesis Mahathir, he has become his enemy. His principles can be shaped and moulded to fit the moment and necessity.

This is when a knight falls, as his conscience is negotiable and his soul suddenly pops a price tag. Not all currency is money and in Kit there lies his thirst to control, to judge and to make questionable choices with regards to his choice of bedfellows.

As far as my memory can go back, Kit has battled corruption. The BMF Scandal with George Tan’s Carrian Group was monumental. However, if Mahathir and his cohorts including new BFF Lim Kit Siang is to be believed, 1MDB is something that has never been seen on any scale.

Actually we have. Kit Siang has archived pretty much what he is saying now two decades back and is now just like his BFF Mahathir, just reading their hard drives.


Najib is a far more inferior liar than Mahathir, less battle hardened and because he relatively sailed into the PMs room without so much as breaking a sweat compared to those without the joint family name of Onn and Razak backing them. He is not even past his first decade in an office that Mahathir spend more than two decades. Mahathir also has funds that unlike Najib, is not attributed or accountable to him.

Combine that with Lim Kit Siang who has been frothing at the mouth for half a century, calling for this and demanding for that, all the while being greatly disappointed, they represent more than 150 years of political scheming and treachery.

Now the fact that these two are going through a familiar stance, and so well coordinated raises a lot of questions. Now lets be like DAP for a while. If Kit Siang could see Kit Siang now, this is what he would write.

  • Mahathir and Kit Siang quiet about BMF and Royal Commission despite fighting tooth and nail. This suggests a possibility that they were complicit in the case. Demand AG to investigate or resign!
  • Mahathir and Najib working with Siang by throwing 1MDB and covering much larger BMF and Carrian case and alienating Anwar Ibrahim to political loneliness and wilderness after Najib reels in PAS. MCA and Gerakan better watch out.
  • Kit Siang working with UMNO who has attracted PAS as an ally to save Guan Eng from Jail and Mahathir gets to cast his nemesis Anwar Ibrahim even out of the Opposition by being De Facto Opposition Chief.

The last one is actually quite sad. All Kit Siang can do after his flip flop is lamely announce Pakatan, which is basically Mahathirs playground, will still investigate BMF and Mahathir. Well, this guy calls his shit. 



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