The High Priest of Sociopaths – Tun Mahathir.

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I have spare time. Some kinds of mistakes leave you with time on your hands and not the nice kind. Its also always involuntary. Heck, I consider it penance anyway. To pass the minutes away I read.

My latest read was because of a friend who drops by on and off and criticizes my every action. Asshole, but nowadays you can’t be picky with friends. See, this asshole used to work for Tun Mahathir. He now — as with most of Mahathirs serve at his pleasure zombies — is a bigshot in some draconian Masonic Frog firm.

He however told me this. Many head of states including a Military Intelligence report from Singapore pegs Mahathir as a psychopath. Okay, he mellowed when he saw my eyebrows take of like an Atlas booster rocket. The word is sociopath. So I bought this book. A review of the book states:

This character quirk does not make sociopaths dangerous criminals, despite their reputation. Sociopaths are sprinkled throughout our network of neighbors, co-workers and friends. In Confessions of a Sociopath, Thomas, a successful lawyer and clinically diagnosed sociopath, deepens our understanding of what it means to be a sociopath and provides a peek inside her own mind.

For instance, research shows that when faced with the threat of small electrical shocks or when shown disturbing images, sociopaths remain unfazed while their “normal” counterparts often wince with fear. Although the study implied that sociopaths’ lack of empathy is a bad thing, Thomas saw this stone-cold, anxiety-proof demeanor as an asset, especially when tackling interviews or striving for a promotion.


Now if you have ten minutes, observe this interview in Hard Talk.

The training required to really be sure is lost on me, like most things medical except clinical pain killers.  Still, its remarkable how this man can remain calm and composed, while telling a blatant lie of espousing half-truths to manipulate they way people consume information. This was when he had his ‘in better days’ relationship with Najib.

He even said in this interview, I am a doctor and if I find one leg gangrenous I remove it. Cold as ice, without emotion.

Stephen Sakur asked if retirement has mellowed him? Well except for being more vociferous and highly protective of his sons, he is much the same man. Maybe worse.

Mahathir — this friend related — was once bored in his office. A Prime Minister is not always busy, and with Mahathir, not everyone wants to meet him a second time after failing in the first try. Still, a persistent man with a goatee that has hair separated by a football field and the demenour of a monk was persistent. His name was Ting Pek Khi or Uncle Bakun as he was once known. Somehow the conversation strayed to a gauntlet being thrown down by Mahathir. Build me a hotel in 55 days or some mad timeline like that.

Ting took the bait and through ingenuity, invention and blind fear, he made it. Tun M had found himself a plaything. Now, he showered Ting with unimaginable opportunities, but took glee in giving Ting the next new challenge, as if Ting was a character in Dungeons and Dragons and Tun M was the game master. Eventually Bakun overcame Ting and the country lost billions.

High functioning sociopath? Heck yes.

He sees Najib as the son of someone who saved his skin and launched his political career to dizzying heights — and the only Prime Minister of Malaysia he had not had a hand in undermining leading them to vacate the hot seat. If you notice, Mahathir had no real nemesis that really threathened to unseat him and no real nemesis in Malaysia.

Ghafar Baba was not his intellectual equal. Musa Hitam lacked the killer instinct and is an old school scouts honor kind of fellow, generally speaking. He even took the blame for the Memali incident and after several decades, only admitted that Tun M was actually in town and running the show. Typical sociopath lie. When Anwar proved to be as sociopathic as Mahathir and much too eager for the top seat, he pushed back with one of the most shocking act of a PM in Malaysia. He had the guy arrested for sodomy and sacked from his DPM post.


Now that was real spite. Remember former Mallacca Chief Minister Rahim Thamby Chik? He was a pedophile and a degenerate sex addict. Don’t take my word for it, but I am convinced that if you are in a real serious shit trouble, if you were Tun Mahathirs plaything, you would be fine.

So yeah I don’t really agree to the same gender sex jack off, but paedos are given wrist slaps and can still lead a quaint life as a free man, not a registered sexual offender. Sociopath.




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