Missing The Point

Donald Trump is the President-elect of United States. When this guy utters ‘You’re Fired’ when he is President, it has serious consequences. Will he fuck up the world?

Probably not. I mean just look at the mans motivations. Money? Perhaps but he has more than many. Power. Of course you idiots. Everyone craves power to some extent. Nope. He is motivated by approval. He thrives on it and without it he shrivels into his best defense. Mean and vulgar attacks.

So speaking of attacks, the President of the US of A has an arsenal at his beck and call that makes an Apache Warrior Chief pee his pants. Chief Big Pee Maker, thats Mr Trump.

Yet when given mandate and trust, he seems to be flourishing like a beacon of fixing the fuck ups and is actively trying to make an entire generation of whiney millenials who have so few friends they tolerate the homos groping a place where balls use to be, well he wants them to have some scrotal gumption — grow some balls.

A man fucking a man is unproductive. Its a step that if embraced by too many leads to exctinction. Your sperm in another mans asshole will just become shit. In a woman it could be another human — like you are. You won’t be what you are swimming up the shitter mate.

Trump has balls and the secret superpower of billionairres. Persuasion skills.

Harsh or otherwise the people with this skills develop a strong sense of rationale logic that can be tailored to differing cognition.

He has one face for his supporters, another for his critics, one for his bussiness colleagues, and of course one for the other world leaders.

He knows what he can get away with and what he has to deliver to keep getting away with the shit he says.

Not the wall. Not lock up Hillary. He knows those will be accepted as campaign metaphors as to the type of man he is and how he will lead.

He will be delivering dollars into pockets or make a dollar buy more stuff. The latter is better as putting dollars will be seen as a bribe but cheaper goods, hallelujah the man has things under control. He will be working to get more leverage on natural resource and lean into trade agreements with both resource and a huge consumption economy. He also has a huge army to back his words.

Ecomaniacs will go batshit crazy. Bureaucrats will have heightened mental health bills. Civil servants now have to, well serve.

The population will love it. That’s what populist is. Giving people what they want instead of telling them how wrong they are. That greed is bad and giving is good. Bilionarres lead the way by giving billions away.

Fuck they have tens of billions. It really hard to spend a billion dollars on yourself in one lifetime. When I have 100 bucks, giving one can hurt real bad.

Fuck you logic. Don’t fall for it.

Malaysians also nowadays no balls. Ikut only anything slightly popular and gather acceptability. We are so disconnected and yet have so much information at our fingertips. We never check. Why check a fact that fits our worldview right?

Wrong. That’s mental masturbation and its deadly. Look at what it has done to Malaysians.

Prove me wrong.


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