Producing A sick Track Basics Part One

While groove is fundamental to electronic dance music, it isn’t something that sticks in your head. You don’t hum “groove” while taking your morning shower or driving to work, you hum melody. Melody is what gets stuck in someone’s head. But melodies are hard to write. There’s always that feeling that it’s just not good enough. You [...]


Fat fucks

We are the champions. More of us to love. Call it anything your denial stricken soul needs to cope. Its a fact that being fat -- you have cost Malaysians more money than Tun Mahathirs forex losses PER HOUR, or DS Rosmah's blood pressure  

Rafizi Ramli – Invoking The Traitor Within

Rafizi Ramli is one of our finest student, when education was taught and the best student memorises best. Malay College Kuala Kangsar is by no means an academic institution to be trifled with, and he was best student overall. Over all the malays, mostly privileged. Anwar gave him a ring. Strangely, Rafizi finished in Leeds [...]


Mak didn't really like Tok Tuah. But she didn't say anything when he just stayed on and on in the house. She didn't say a word when Abah and I took him to Hankyu Jaya to get some new clothes. She just kept quiet when Tok Tuah joined us to watch TV in the living [...]

A Rare Honour

There are certain very special situations that inverts reality itself, and all who knows when less is more, they be Kings. It is an honor to be a witness to one such. A man who sees himself as generous tend to give more. A truly generous soul, looks at giving less to more. Less worries [...]